Jason Kellogg

16 Valencia St, Apt 201
San Francisco, CA 94103
I enjoy all technical challenges, particularly those involving large data sets and consumer behavior. While I'm most aligned with small startup culture, I'm open to joining an entrepreneurial team inside a big company.


2004- 2009

B.S. Computer Science at University of Michigan

A.I., Natural Language Processing, Multidimensional Analytics, Microcircuit Design, Embedded Systems


2012- 2014

Senior Data Scientist at Riverbed Analytics

Led a skunkworks team of six other programmers building a predictive intelligence engine based on website and mobile user behavior which raised life-time customer value measures by 6%.
2010- 2012

Data Architect at Mobileyes Systems

Designed a sharded and geographically distributed MySQL cluster to help scale the company during a period of rapid growth from 50 thousand to 9 million daily active users on multiple mobile platforms.
2009- 2010

Backend Developer at Twilogy

Helped scale the company's proprietary datastore from 200 thousand to 38 million daily active users; wrote algorithm to help identify fake users that's still in use today.
2008- 2009

Intern at Google

Worked part-time while attending Stanford with a team of 15 engineers responsible for scaling out Google's Big Table; wrote several MapReduce functions still in use today.


Java, Scala, R, MySQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, Python, C, Ruby, Linux Admin, Bash Scripting


Cycling, rock climbing, photography, Arduino hacking, poker